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Kat Williams: We Are Against the Illuminati at Our Own Detriment
Sunday, July 20, 2014 | Subject: Kat Williams | Category: TVMovie

Comedian Kat Williams during an interview for his role in Scary Movie 5 was asked about Black actors wearing dresses in Hollywood. He goes on to explain his thoughts that they are forced to do so. He then explains what happens to those who go against the grain like him. They get bad press and their careers suffer terribly.

Example, Dave Chappelle refused a 50 million dollars contract to shoot a third season of his iconic Chappelle Show because he didn’t agree with the messages it conveyed its audience. He then got labelled as “crazy” (remember his Africa expedition) and, since then, he did not appear in anything “Hollywood”.

Katt Williams also got a truck load of bad press in the past years, not to mention legal troubles. He feels that these issues keeping arising because he refuses to follow the Illuminati Agenda. In his words: “We Are Against the Illuminati at Our Own Detriment”. Here’s the interview:

Either he's making up this elaborate story or he really is crazy.
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