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Donald Trump: Took Down Bill Cosby In Illuminati Feud
Friday, July 3, 2015 | Subject: Donald Trump | Category: articles

We have all been shocked and inundated with the revelations against Bill Cosby. Many have wondered why and how is this all coming out now considering most of the allegations are decades old - well we have found out why...

Those with knowledge in Illuminati circles know that when you are "IN" you have protection as Bill enjoyed for so long - committing felonies that went unreported for 50+ years. Thus it became obvious that Bill had ticked off someone with a little more Illuminati juice than he - thus the reason his shield of protection has fallen. 

In an interview on the Today Morning Show Cosby goes in hard on The Donald (1:20 mark)  about his 2012 Presidential run . See the video below:

The Donald was none too pleased with Cosby's comments and returns with his typical vitriol. You can almost hear him mumbling under his breath "you f'd with the wrong billionaire - let me show you who's real"

The bigger bank account usually wins in these instances. 
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