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Damien 2016 TV Series: End Of Times Satanic Propaganda
Saturday, July 25, 2015 | Subject: Damien 2016 TV Series | Category: TVMovie

A&E Television Network is scheduled to broadcast Damien 2016 a continuation of the Omen Movie series. It is often said Art Imitates Life, thus is the case with the Damien series.

Similar to the 2014 Devils Due film, the Damien 2016 website features a sign up to JOIN or CHOOSE Satan. 

In light of the times we are living is this purely entertainment or encouragement to choose the dark path? The website for Damien 2016 explains how Satan is the Omega and The Chief Prince among others. It reads like political campaign website for Satan.

Is this entertainment or blatant influence? You be the judge. 

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