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Michelle Phan: Cosmetics YouTuber Turned Puppet
Thursday, May 4, 2017 | Subject: Michelle Phan | Category: articles

As we often discuss on this site in order to reach great heights of success in this occult based world of the elite you must join. This certainly seems to be the case with YouTube cosmetics sensation Michelle Phan. Phan gained a huge following on YouTube doing makeup videos innocently enough. 

After a six month hiatus from YouTube she returned. She then was able to parlay that success into her own obviously Illuminati backed cosmetics line. Perhaps the six month break was negotiation of the Illuminati contract, initiation and rituals?

Take a look at her cosmetics merchandising and packaging. It's complete with pyramid logo, Masonic checkerboard and pillars. Stevie Wonder can tell she's an Illuminati Puppet.

Unfortunately, these "deals" are never as good as they may seem. All that glitters is not gold and you end up giving up something that is priceless in exchange- your soul.

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