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The Covid19 Riots and Race Connection: The Elite Have Pushed The Button
Wednesday, June 3, 2020 | Subject: The Covid19 Riots and Race Connection | Category: Gov

We are at a very interesting period in human history. In a very short amount of time, three months to be exact, we have gone from life as normal to our economy descending rapidly into depression and impending all out race war. But we must remember very few things are of coincidence.

Let's connect the dots here. We have the Corona (hocus pocus) virus that has decimated the world economy, has people terrified walking around with surgical masks, standing six feet apart and shuddering in their homes. Millions of people have lost their jobs, thousands of businesses have closed and people in mass are afraid of losing their homes or being evicted. The stress level of millions of Americans is extremely high. THEN we have three consecutive race episodes that happened in a span less than a month.

First a black man (Ahmaud Arbery) is stalked down while jogging like an animal and assassinated. Then there was the Central Park Karen incident where a white woman named Amy Cooper used her white privilege to threaten the life of a black man (by calling the police) because he had the audacity to ask her to put her dog a leash. Then we have the George Floyd incident where a Black man was mercilessly murdered while begging for his life, handcuffed and lying face down on the ground with a knee on his neck. These three incidents all "conveniently" video taped have created the perfect scenario for a powder keg of violence and revolt.

We are literally at the crescendo of the New World Order. The button was pressed second week of March 2020 and it has been game time ever since. The elite would like nothing more then an all-out race war, this would accomplish many of their goals, one of which is locking citizens up in FEMA camps designating them as enemy combatants and also population reduction as result of race war.

Do not be fooled, do not get caught up in the emotion of the moment, see through the fog, there is a true conspiracy going on. Research the New World Order agenda, educate yourself to be able to navigate in this brand-new world because things will never the same again. Ignorance in fact can be deadly.

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