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Al B. Sure: Insinuates Kim Porter Death Was an Illuminati Sacrifice
Thursday, July 23, 2020 | Subject: Al B. Sure | Category: Music

Nineties New Jack Swing crooner Al B Sure has recently tweeted some very interesting comments on the death of model Kim Porter. Al B Sure shares a son with the late Kim Porter, Quincy. Kim Porter also shares children with hip hop mogul P. Diddy. Kim died a sudden and untimely death in 2018 of pneumonia but Al B Sure sure seems to think something more nefarious was at play. In a now deleted Instagram post he alludes that Kim's death may be a homicide and tags P. Diddy. Considering Al B Sure has been in the entertainment business for close to 30 years no doubt he knows the ins out of the Illuminati music business. He goes on to say that his life may be in danger for exposing this information.

Al B Sure seems to elude to a Faustian deal / quid-pro-quo involving his son Quincy's Netflix deal, P Diddy and then the passing of Kim Porter. He goes on to say the killers are after him too and if he gets harmed "we know who did it".

We keep hearing about these "deals". Generally, where there is smoke there is fire. You decide.

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