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Tyra Banks: A Model Puppet
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 | Subject: Tyra Banks | Category: TVMovie

Tyra Banks has parlayed her way to becoming not only a top model but now successful talk show host / TV personality. As such she pals around with other puppets like her. In the below video she asks Beyonce about her flashing Illuminati / occult symbolism on national TV:

Really Tyra? Thanks for clearing that all up for everyone we were spiffed. I suppose that's what the eye symbolism in the above photo-shoot for your new book (pictured above) is about too - Jay Z's record company. Yes, Jay Z's record company employs thousands all over the globe that can't bust a rhyme and are in totally unrelated fields and make that gesture as homage to the Brooklyn former crack dealer.

I'm buying that aren't you? 
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