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Gayle King: Illuminati Puppet Duty
Wednesday, February 26, 2020 | Subject: Gayle King | Category: articles

In the wake of the untimely passing of NBA great Kobe Bryant a major Hollywood / Illuminati dust up occurred. Giving a quick recap: Gayle King interviewed Kobe Bryant friend and former WNBA star Lisa Leslie and many people felt she crossed the line by pressing Leslie about Bryant's 2003 rape case in which he was acquitted.

In response legendary rapper Snoop Dogg in a NSFW video called King some very unflattering names defending his friend Bryant and scolding her for defaming him after his death. Thus the back and forth debate began with Snoop eventually apologizing to King.

Now let us examine the behind the scenes agenda in play here....

Snoop Dogg is a gangster, a gang member and someone known to speak his mind. He has made living off the disparaging of women, propagation of violence, murder and drug use.  He skillfully rhymes his lyrical poison to high production beats. One thing he is not good at or known for is backing down. However, in this instance after first doubling down, he has backed down, way down. In fact, he is on a back down apologizing tour.

Meanwhile he has turned the villain and King whom most agree was far out of line has become the victim. Duality at its finest. The perverse inverse of reality, an Illuminati staple. Good is bad and bad is good. 

Both Gale and Snoop definitely are in the Illuminati club. Both have sold themselves but Snoop seemed to forget the terms of his contract and he was swiftly reminded. King the dutiful soldier followed the company line just as her BFF and mentor Oprah does.

Gayle King was INSTRUCTED to go in hard on Kobe Bryant. The Black male image must always be defamed. It is psychological control. When you sign the contract you must fall in line with whatever agenda they have even if it is against your own people or self-interests. You get your bag but your must do anything they want. Dealing with dark forces is a bitch – just ask Bruce Jenner. You never know what you will be asked (ordered) to do in his case furthering the transgender agenda.

But why you may ask do they want to defame the Black man? If you research the Illuminati, they are racist to put it frankly. Why? They know the real history, they know the truth of the ancient mystery schools that originated in Africa. They are afraid and envious of the Black man. They know that sacred mathematics, science, philosophy, technology and wonders of antiquity where all creations of brown people from Africa. Today most are unaware that the libraries of Alexandria Egypt were looted, then burned and then credited to Greek philosophers. Intellectual theft and cultural appropriation at its finest.

Therefore, in addition to intelligence, they are also fearful of the Black man’s mental endurance, that combined with his superior physical vitality makes him a threat that must be subjugated, because if given an equal playing field, he will likely rule the world, usurping their centuries built control system and planet manipulation. Thus, his image must disparaged and never celebrated. This in turn not only effects the Black man’s social standing, opportunity and influence among non-Black people but it affects the less educated Black man (majority) and places him in an inferiority complex. An excellent example of this manipulation of facts for psychological purposes and appropriation is the depiction of Jesus Christ. The Bible explicitly states Jesus's skin tone and even hair texture yet the Illuminati depicts him as a White man with straight hair in all their controlled religions. When your image is disparaged, it effects everything in your life economically to socially. These facts are no secret to the  the Illuminati adept. This is just one of their agendas of power and control to keep all threats to their power subjugated. This is the business of control, rather than racism out of ignorance.

They will allow Black people to achieve success or acclaim such as Gayle King or Snoop Dogg if it serves their purpose or agenda. However, part of the bargain is they must never uplift Black people in a major way, particularly the Black man and must disparage them upon command. Many times whatever product, service or art form they produce must harm Black people directly and is the whole purpose of their acclaim. However generally often before or after their passing they will be disparaged and their legacy soiled. This is the psychological warfare and this is the agenda.

In a simplified summary, Snoop was reminded who pays the mortgages and King was given a thata-girl. 

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